Karsten Lund for Phantoms in the Dirt in The Museum for Contemporary Photography Chicago

The sepia tone and visual texture of Assaf Evron’s Untitled (French Colonies, Maroc) convey a certain sense of age and a distant origin for the image. In fact, Evron found this photograph reproduced in a book from the1930s about the French colonies. While the title of the work indicates that the place depicted is Morocco, the scene is a classic landscape, almost generic in many respects: mountains recede into the distance, the furthest peaks vanishing into the haze as if illustrating a basic lesson on the pictorial representation of three dimensional space. The distinguishing feature of the image is a
spectacular swarm of insects, spreading as far as the eye can see. If this isn’t a plague, necessarily, it is at any rate a momentous thing to see.

Full text by Karsten Lund