Capturing the Visible: Assaf Evron's Photographic Practice
Iris Mendel

My way is to walk the roads
Looking right and left
And sometimes looking behind me...
What I see at each moment
Is that which I never
Caught sight of before.
-- Fernando Pessoa*

The encounter with Assaf Evron's works is direct and immediate. They are revealed unobstructed and in one breath, striking the viewer with all their force and sensitivity. Evron does not spare the viewer. The visible is thrust at us, and in response we are forced to swallow it whole, so that we may then gradually deconstruct and digest all those apparatuses of action embedded in it. The exhibition "Near and Apparent" consists of a chain of independent images which nevertheless unite under some inner logic. That logic is Evron's photographic language, which is constituted by a system of recurring signs and attributes.

full text by Iris Mendel
a conversation with Galia Bar Or

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